Monday, December 15, 2008


Did the title of the post catch your attention? Our company ran a fitness challenge for our Charlotte office. The grand prize was airfare for 2 to a place of your choosing for 3 nights.

For 4 months I worked my butt off! I would be up by 4:45 at the latest & at the gym by 5. Sometimes I'd go twice in one day. My travel schedule made things a little harder, but most hotels have a decent gym and I also would pack a work out video.

Today, our CEO announced the winners. We had winners who lowered their bad cholesterol and winners who raised their good cholesterol. One grand prize was given to the person who lost the greatest percentage of their body weight, another as a random drawing & the third to the person who had accumulated the most points - me!!!!

Now, the question is, where should Mr. Potts and I go? We're thinking of a 4 day weekend in Key West in late April. We could go to the Bahamas or Jamaica or somewhere in the Caribbean. Where would you recommend?


jemmessica said...

That's awesome!!!!!!

My vote- just go somewhere you've never been!!! But the Caribbean sounds pretty awesome!

Kristen said...

Congratulations...what a cool place to work! I agree with jemmessica about somewhere you've never been

Shasta said...

Good for you! That is amazing! I also vote for you and Mr. potts to go somewhere that you have never been before!

Mrs. Stilettos said...

That is SO exciting!!! Good for you!!! Gosh, I would love to have Christmas pictures taken of me this year that I didn't cringe at! You are such an inspiration for me to get my big butt on the treadmill!

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Mrs. Potts! Thanks for playing!!! You have the letter P!