Monday, December 8, 2008

Tag...You're it?

Kristen from Something about nothin tagged me in 7 Random Facts.
I'm supposed to share seven random facts about myself and then tag seven other people.

So, here goes!
1. I watch General Hospital. Not just watch it, but DVR every, single episode so that I can stay up to date and current on the latest goings on in Port Charles. I have had 2 weeks build up with a busy travel schedule.
2. I can cross every finger on each hand. Don't even have to try, I "trained" my fingers to do that when I was in 3rd grade.
3. When I turned 30 I insisted that Mr. Potts & I celebrate it for 3 months. Yep, I LOVE birthdays.
4. I have a well organized brain, but am a clutter bug - according to Mr. Potts. He tells me it is amazing how I can process things, but still collect magazines for 5 months.
5. I am a morning person. I wake up happy & giggly.
6. I don't get hangovers. I know, you hate me. Sorry!
7. I am a total snob about my hair - it is thick beyond belief. When it gets past a certain length (about mid-back) I get daily headaches until I get a haircut. I use great shampoos & conditioners to keep it soft & strong.

So now I must tag others to share some random facts, but I'm going to keep it to a short list.

1. Jen from Wedding Peephole
2. Leah from Dinks in the City
3. "Birdcage" from Feathers and Pearls
4. "Nola" from With Love from New Orleans
5. Meg from The Randomness of Meghan

If you haven't checked Meg out before, make sure you read her blog, "You know it's cold when..."

Have fun!


Chitown Meg said...

aww...thanx lady!! i will post about it tomorrow :) you're the bestest....I do love my birthday I totaly understand!

littlesack said...

the picture of you walking down the aisle is stunning! I love your choice in flowers. Perfect for fall.

Kristen said...

Great post. I can also do #2...great idea about #3...I'm with you on #4. Thanks for playing and it's cool to learn more about you.