Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What to do, what to do?

I started this post yesterday, but was having problems with my connections, so here it is today.

Happy Christmas Eve! We're going to have a cold day in Louisville! I really prefer warm weather & it makes me laugh when I think about all the work travel I do - mostly to places like Maine, Vermont & New Hampshire. In January. BRRRRR!

Musing on cold weather, however, is not the reason for this post. I am seeking opinions on my hair. I like it better when it is longer - not Chrystal Gale long, because past the middle of my back, I get headaches. Too much heavy, thick hair. Plus, when it is longer (below my shoulders) I'm more easily able to control my natural wave. :)

So, I've added three pictures to this post. The first is long, no bangs. Mr. Potts and I had met recently when this picture was taken and were at a bar (gasp!) after a wedding party had held their rehearsal dinner.

This second picture is of two close friends & Mr. Potts and me at a friend's 40th birthday party. No need for an explanation, but here it is longer with bangs and some curls to it. I had used hot rollers that night for big, bouncy curls.

This last picture is of Mr. Potts and me on New Years Eve of 2007, leading into 2008. Here the look is long and mostly straight with longer, swoopy bangs. We had the best time that night & ate at a tapas place in Charlotte named Las Ramblas. You should check the restaurant out if you are ever in Charlotte. Definitely YUM!

So now that you've seen three looks, which one would you pick?
1. Long, no bangs
2. Long, regular length bangs
3. Long, swoopy bangs

Thank you for your help in this decision!

Merry Christmas!!!


Whitney said...

Long swoopy!

Anonymous said...

Long regular length bangs!

LipSmacker said...

I think the second look is perfect on you, it really compliments your face shape!! So pretty! ;)

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Ohh I just love the longer bangs and curls!! So sweet and romantic looking!