Friday, December 19, 2008

Updates and a Special "Thank You"

I'll have to start with a special Thank you! Mrs. G. over at Mmm...Tastes Good responded to my last post about books I want to read. She had an extra copy of The Shack and sent it to me! I can't wait to receive it & begin reading it. If you haven't checked our her blog, it is all about yummy goodness - with links to places like Crate and Barrel and Bojangles!

Now on to disappointing news (for me at least). I LOVE food. I love to cook it, I love to bake it, I especially love to eat it. When Mr. Potts and I were on our honeymoon in Barbados, I contracted a bacterial infecting which has kept me from being able to eat - which is the kindest (for you) explanation of my issues.

It has now been a month & I still am eating bland, bland food. Did I already mention how much I LOVE to eat?

Please don't find me evil, but some good has come out of this. No, I haven't lost weight - I'm actually awfully bloated. The good news is that this year at Christmas I won't have to eat much of my mother-in-law's cooking. She is as sweet as she can be & I love her. She just is not a great cook. And she won't let me help in the kitchen. No homemade stuffing, no homemade cranberry sauce, no pumpkin cheesecake. But! I don't have to eat her pecan pie. If you read my blog about my recipe for pecan pie, you'll see that I don't use Karo syrup - she does.

Am I evil? I choose to think not. I will however, play up my stomach problems to keep me from eating foods I don't particularly care for. All while being as pleasant and charming as a good Southern girl is. :)

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LoraBB said...

Haha, don't feel too bad. You'd be surprised how often I was "sick" when I visited my parents' house. Imagine food that smells like a boot cooked in a diaper and stuffed with an old fish. Yikes! Hope you feel better soon!