Friday, September 4, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Aren't you glad that Friday is here - and we have a long weekend! Mr. Potts and I had a great night at the Panther's game. They played awfully (and I won't bore you with my theories concerning our team and what they need to do to improve), but we enjoyed cool weather that really has me so ready for fall.

As always, in no particular order, some of my favorite things (and people).

I can't believe I'm highlighting her since she just moved to Pittsburgh & apparently is a HUGE Steelers fan ( Julie, I'm soo disappointed - well, more so in my own team) but Julie of Wearing Mascara is a wonderful blogger who just moved from the DC area to Pittsburgh. Her blog is fabulous & always makes me laugh. If you're not already following her in her journeys, you definitely should. At the very least, you have to go check her out for her fabulous header!

Another things I'm really loving right now is the ring pictured below. This was part of the wedding present that Mr. Potts gave me. When he gave it to me, I almost started crying. It's such a beautiful ring and a reminder of such a wonderful weekend in our lives. Plus, I love the fact that it is sparkly & definitely a fashion statement. I think it's pretty timeless.

Mr. Potts and I have a wedding to attend at the end of October. It is supposed to be an outdoor wedding & October here can still be fairly warm. This dress (from Nordstrom) is one I'm considering. I love the color, love that I can wear it again & the fit looks perfect. What do you think?

I recently stumbled across the online jewelry site for Stella & Dot. I found this necklace & fell in love with it. They have amazing pieces of jewelry & since I'm trying to update some of mine this site fits the bill. Some things are a bit out of my price range, but isn't it fun to look?

I have a hair appointment on Tuesday and I think that when I go in, I'm going to tell my hairstylist that I'd like to go a tad darker - a la Jennifer Aniston. I'm including 2 pictures since I think the first one (from He's Just Not That Into You) is more of a spring/summer look while the second picture is more fall/winter. I'm going for fall/winter. What do you think? Have any of you ever gone a little darker (and I'm not talking a huge difference, just a shade or two)? What did you think? Did you like it?

Also, don't forget to enter the contests listed in my sidebar. Molly Lou Gifts, Living in the Moment, A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door and Stuttering Shell all have great giveaways going on.

Hope you enjoyed my Fabulous Friday!


Wearing Mascara said...

Awww my love! This made my day! Thank you for featuring me! I am on my iPhone right now. I hope to have Internet soon so I can comment more (but I AM reading!). Hugs!

Brown Girl said...

I love that dress! I think it would look beautiful on you. Love JA, she is just so timeless and beautiful, her hair always looks amazing. It's a good everyday style. Enjoy your labor day weekend!!

Whitney said...

Beautiful dress! Beautiful ring! Love Jen Aniston's hair for you! Have a great weekend!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, I love that dress! Love. I think those colors (dress and hair) would look great on you. I say go for both! Have a wonderful weekend!

Brittany Ann said...

You are going to look gorgeous in that dress!

And I think that hair will look great on you, too!

Notes From the Grove said...

Ooooh! Did you get that dress? It's GORGEOUS! And so is your new ring!

In this wonderful life... said...

Jen has great hair! That necklace is BEAUTIFUL!!