Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall TV is BACK!

Mr. Potts and I use NetFlix to catch up with shows we may want to watch, but missed two seasons or to watch the occasional movie. We just recently set Weeds up to be sent to us. We began watching is last night & it is hysterical! Love Mary-Louise Parker. She plays the central character so well - with so much heart!

Tonight is the premiere of Heroes! We love love love (I tend to triple things when I'm really emphasizing) that show!! Ali Larter is back, ya'll! Watch out!
Fall TV is here!! Who's excited?


Anonymous said...

I knowwww! My hubs and I keep BBM'ing one another about our excitement over tonight's starting lineup! We have House & Heroes on at the same time, which is our current biggest issue!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Have been debating on watching the Weeds series. Guess that's a yest from you then uh?
Thanks for the new fall candle hint the other day. Waiting on the mailman to deliver.
The Bumpkin

Annie said...

i love fall tv!
weeds is an awesome show! i only wish i had the channel its on :(

Michelle said...

Grey's is back on this Thursday! Woo!

Survivor started last week & The Amazing Race starts this weekend...I'm a happy girl!

Jane said...

So excited for House and Heroes! Good thing I have DVR!!

Beth Dunn said...

Love Weeds! I'm a huge fan of. You must get Mad Men xoxo

Brittany Ann said...

The hubs and I love Weeds! We actually bought the first four seasons! Sure, it's grossly inappropriate, but ironically funny.