Monday, September 7, 2009

It was a mellow Monday

What a wonderful weekend in the Potts' household. We always look forward to an extra day to relax. Relax was definitely the key word of the weekend. We spent Saturday and Sunday out on the lake just floating. The cool weather these last few weeks cooled the water a bit and it was so wonderful out there. We had views like this:
When we head to the lake we typically stop in at Subway and get sandwiches to take out with us. Lucky for us (and our new friend) that we did. Once we were anchored, we had a friendly little duck that swam over to us and quacked out a hello. Being the soft-hearted person that I am, I had to share some of my sandwich, so I tore little pieces of bread off for him. He really enjoyed it since the next day (we usually drop anchor in the same cove) he brought a friend. Too bad for them, we'd already eaten.

We're planning on a picnic the last day we take the boat out - probably sometime in October. I've been thinking of the meal & it will probably entail some homemade fried chicken, baked potato salad & another dish. A few bottles of wine too. We have to do something to celebrate the summer and to close up the boat for winter.

We spent some time this morning looking at furniture at West Elm. We're just getting ideas right now - we'll probably end up heading to Hickory, NC (furniture capital of the world - well, that may be a slight exaggeration) and spending a day there looking around.

What we looked at today is something like this from West Elm. We're thinking an oatmeal/cream color with an additional piece to lengthen it & an ottoman to add a "lounge".

After we were finished with our shopping we headed to my mom's & grilled out with her & the munchkins. My niece and nephew are so interested in the camera & taking pictures. I left the camera with my mom so she could get some pictures of my niece heading to school. Once I get it back, I'll have to show you the pictures they took. After dinner my niece & I practiced her letters. She wants to be, "smart like Uncle Mr. Potts." So sweet!

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


d.a.r. said...

Gorgeous sectional!!

KAC said...

LOVE the couch and the picture of the lake is so pretty...glad you had a great weekend!

Tara Gibson said...

looove the furniture!

Sole Matters said...

also try Rooms To Go. :)

Annie said...

glad you had a great weekend lady!
i am loving the furniture!

Whitney said...

That view is so peaceful and relaxing! Love the furniture!