Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ten for Thursday

Ten things that struck me today while being home uber sick
  1. Unexpected emails from blogging friends sending me well wishes totally make a sick girl's day - Thank You b.e.g.!
  2. There's really nothing better than chicken noodle soup (and yeah, I went old school Campbell's) when you're not feeling well.
  3. Watching back to back showings of What Not to Wear really makes me wish that Stacey & Clinton would show up at my door with a $5000 Visa Gift Card!
  4. Scarves are in my radar right now. Especially super soft ones from Nordstrom.
  5. Nothing makes a girl feel more loved than having a loving hubby bring home soup when she's not feeling good.
  6. I popped outside to take Hayden out and fell in love with the weather all over again. Fall is almost here!
  7. Guilty feelings abound when the husband who brought you home soup comes home & tells you he thinks he's got what you've got.
  8. I need to pull up my summer plants (which didn't do so well this year) and plant some fall ones. Any suggestions of what to put in some pots on our porch?
  9. When I'm not feeling well, the last thing I want to do is play ball with the dog.
  10. I hope I got a new magazine in the mail today.
Aren't Thursday's special? You have the anticipation of Friday getting here & then the weekend. They're even more special if you're not sick & haven't infected your hubby with your germs. Blech.


Brittany Ann said...

If you're in the mood for scarves....

Just sayin!

Hope you continue to heal! Drink that soup!

Anonymous said...

Britt beat me to it!!

Hope you're continuing to feel better & if you need a show to get into, Heroes is a good one!

Jane said...

Maybe we could make home videos of each other looking horrible and get that 5000 dollar make over... maybe?

Annie said...

hope you are doing better today, it's finally friday ;)