Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conversation with my girlfriend

My best girlfriend is the type of person that says the first thing in their head. She & I are alike in that we have no filter. But it makes our conversations really interesting. Plus, she's one of those girls who when she asks for an opinion, she truly wants it.

She called me this afternoon while I was running into the grocery store to snag a salad. Our conversation went like this.

Best Girlfriend: Hey!
Me: Hey there!
BG: Hey, why do the stores keep shoving skinny jeans down people's throats? Does anyone even wear them?
Me: I think the only people who wear them are super skinny girls.
BG: Or drugged out girls.
Me: Well, then there's that.
BG: Do YOU wear them???
Me: *snorting in laughter* No, I'm short and not skinny, why in the world would I wear them? Besides, I haven't had an inch gap between my thighs since I was 5. Do you really think I want to accentuate that?
BG: Shut up! You're absolutely beautiful!
Me: I appreciate that, but I'm still never going to wear them.
BG: Good! I'm not either!

The rest of our conversation was just normal chit-chat, but I hope the people in the store around me appreciated our conversation (or rather my end of it) regarding skinny jeans. Or more specifically, the fact that I am short and not skinny.


Molly Lou Gifts said...

I wish I could write down or record only half of conversations and let others guess what is being said on the other end! :)

I WILL NEVER WEAR SKINNY JEANS either!!! Die skinny jean tren, die!

Tara Gibson said...

haha, this is funny. I have friends like this that we are very straight forward and blunt! its rather refreshing!

Whitney said...

So funny!

The Pink Chick said...

You are so funny! I am not a skinny jeans wearer either! I'm a little too fluffy to wear anything with skinny in the name!

Brittany Ann said...

MY BF and I just had this exact convo! We hate them too! Women (with Thighs) of the World Unite!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I was literally in tears at your conversation! I, too, can't remember the last time my thighs didn't touch. I'm almost 100% positive they've never stopped touching one another through my whole life!

Kelsey Smith said...

I said I would NEVER wear skinny jeans (since I have a booty and not itty bitty legs) until I found a fabulous pair for $12.50 from Forever 21!! I only wear them were certain tops, but I am hooked.

Brown Girl said...

Ha ha, blunt should have been my middle name. I like it say I'm too the point. I felt the same way about skinny jeans at first but they are starting to grow on me...slowly but surely! I think it's all in the fit and cut.