Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday Much?

I'm so glad that Tuesday is here - I'm halfway done with my week at this point. I'm taking Friday off and heading to Nashville with Mr. Potts to visit my dad and step-mom for the weekend. Families can be hard sometimes, especially when you have 4 sets. Between myself and Mr. Potts we have 2 dads and step-mom, 1 mom and step-dad and 1 mom. Not to mention the rest of the family (sister, grandmother, aunts/uncles, cousins) and friends that are in Louisville. It makes it really hard at holidays and we usually come home more exhausted than when we left. I always feel that my dad gets shafted since he is in Nashville. We try to make an effort to go up & see them and also to see them when they're in town.

Yesterday flew by in such a blur - did anyone else feel as if they time escaped them? I left work a little later than I had intended, but still made it to the gym to go to a Strength and Stability class. Thank goodness for Mr. Potts - he made dinner last night. He is the "Grill Master" in our home which makes it easy for me on nights when I'll go to the gym after work. It doesn't hurt that his grilling is also pretty tasty.

Tonight we have a birthday to celebrate. One of our neighbors is having people over to celebrate. She invited everyone with the title, "Why let a horrific break-up ruin a perfectly good birthday?". She's staying positive about a negative part of her life. Definitely something we can all learn from, no?

Before we go over tonight, I'm going to get Hayden out for a quick walk. The temperature has been in the high 80's for a while. Such a nice change of pace from 90+ (close to 100). I'm ready for fall though. The days when the weather is still warm, but at night, you're ready to pull on a sweatshirt and cuddle up with a blanket. Anyone else ready for that?

While you're at it today, try to remember the small things. I'm cherishing the memory of my niece as she's getting ready to fall asleep this weekend turning to hug me and whispering, "I love you Aunt Mrs. Potts." It brings a smile to my face every time.
My favorite picture from the weekend. I had to share it again.


Whitney said...

That is a completely precious picture.
What a great outlook your friend has! I wish I could be more like that!
Have fun tonight!

littlesack said...

trying to stay positive during rough patches is definitely something we can all learn from.

RYC: boys family is doing well. his mom is the toughest woman Ive ever met and shes handling it really well and providing a rock for his dad. (his dad found eric--so i think that image will always be with him). Boy is doing well-- Im still waiting for a delayed pain to hit him. caleb is doing well, but doesn't seem to get it entirely. he knows his dad is in heaven, but he thinks heaven is some place we can all go and come back from. Caleb told me that I could go with him to heaven when we went to see daddy. its heart-breaking, but...

and ps--this is long overdue- but a few posts back you wrote that you were proud of me for how strong I had been. that meant a lot to me--and made that day easier to get through- for some reason i just needed to hear that someone was aware of how strong i was being (or otherwise pretending to be)

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I love what she said to you. Made me smile when I read it. That unconditional love that children have is incredible.

Enjoy the birthday celebration. Can't wait to hear about it. Think there will be voodoo dolls?

Annie said...

have fun at the birthday party! i think it's great that she is keeping a positive attitude.

the picture is simply adorable!

Brittany Ann said...

She truly is precious:)

In this wonderful life... said...

she is precious!!!