Monday, August 17, 2009

Everything is beach-a-licious

What a wonderful, wonderful weekend we had! I loaded up the car and drove to my mom's to drop Hayden off for the weekend & pick up my sweet niece. Hayden was so excited - she has a big yard to run around in there & my nephew will throw the ball for her endlessly.

After packing up my niece, we headed off to pick up Mr. Potts - poor guy, he was still working & missing out on all this fun! Once we picked him up, we were on our way! We stopped once, outside of Myrtle Beach to take a bathroom break & grab some more water. Oh yes, we also bought a lotto ticket - which you can see we did not win due to the increase in the Powerball amount. Boo.

The beach was wonderful and the weather held up nicely on Saturday. There were a few sprinkles, but not enough to make us pick up our chairs and go inside. No way! Not for this little girl.

We got there Friday evening and had to make sure we went to the beach on her first day. I was so very proud of her - I thought she'd be a little nervous, but she was fearless!
After she got her feet wet (ba ding!) we went to the restaurant/bar that was on the property for a quick dinner. Nothing special food wise and a few beers for me and Mr. Potts. We took some time to get some family pictures. Note that the hair is already growing bigger and the curl/frizz is breaking out. :)My niece took this picture. I was amazed that she was so good! Perhaps we have a budding artist on our hands?
She was so excited, and kept asking to go back down to the beach. Of course we had to oblige her when we were done.After a nights sleep, we were up and off on Saturday morning. Mr. Potts helped her build her first sandcastle, we jumped the waves in the ocean, she built more sandcastles, we went to the lazy river on property, she "swam" in the pool there - it was a kiddie pool & I realized that I need to get her some swimming lessons. She wants to swim so badly! After we left the kids area we were back on the beach & Mr. Potts helped her fly her first kite. A Barbie kite to boot! He told me how masculine it made him feel. He's such a good sport!
Barbie One - Mr. Potts named the kiteShe wants to build a sandcastle like this one next year.Saturday was such a long, busy day and we spent two hours on the beach before we left on Sunday. That made for one very tired little girl.Even Mr. Potts was exhausted!
A wonderful weekend! We talked to her about the importance of doing well in school & listening. I'm thinking next year an airplane ride (I've promised that already) to a beach is in order. Perhaps fly to Tampa & go to Clearwater/St. Pete?

We watched True Blood last night. I fall more & more in love with Eric each time I see him. Last night when he was talking to Godrick at the end, I teared up. Totally. Love that show!!

How was your weekend?


Elise said...

Hello, what a lovely blog you have here. Heavenly header too ! I've so enjoyed reading your posts and looking through your pictures - you are so very talented.

Thank you so much and best wishes

Molly Lou Gifts said...

I am so glad you had a great time and the first beach trip was a success. LOVE the pictures...they really are worth a thousand words. Look at the happiness on that little girl's face. What a fabulous life memory she now has. Welcome back! Have a great day.

Annie said...

your niece is adorable!
so many great pictures! glad you all had so much fun at the beach :)

Belle said...

She's so adorable!

Brittany Ann said...

You all are such good role models for her! She had a blast, you can tell!

Notes From the Grove said...

What a cute little girl! You're so sweet to take her to the beach. And lucky that you live so close!

My weekend was pretty good. Got to see my friends, my nephew, some family, a new movie, and bought myself a couple of new shirts at the Banana. And I drank a lot of wine :o)

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh! So fun! She is the cutest!

In this wonderful life... said...

what SWEET pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast :)