Friday, February 13, 2009

I changed my mind.

I went yesterday after my periodontal cleaning to pick up the One of a Kind Essie nail polish for my upcoming giveaway. It was described as a Poppy Red Kiss. It was cute online in the picture. Not so much in person. So I changed my mind. I couldn't include an ugly nail color in my first giveaway! I'd probably lose some readers!

So instead of One of a Kind, I'll be including Forever Young - described as a Fiery Tango Red. This is a great red - one I think that many skin tones can wear.
In addition, since I may have gotten some hopes up, I'll also be including Lacquered Up - described as a Red Hot Crimson (but this is definitely more pink).
I also was thinking that some readers may be stuck in cold weather confines and may not be ready to sport any pink or red. I don't want to leave them out - so I'll also be including a darker color - perhaps Bold and Beautiful? Doesn't everyone need a good dark polish?
I'm really excited about my first giveaway - and these are only a few things that will be featured in my quest for Spring!


SassyEngineer said...

I'm so excited for your giveaway. I pretty much love all three colors :)

jemmessica said...

Loving it!

I just posted a give away too!! :-)

Good Gals Inc said...

Excited for your giveaway!! I love red nail polish, I have pretty much always gotten some shade of red on toes for years!

littlesack said...

ooo! That red is fabulous!

Kristen said...

I'm excited too!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

Carolyn said...

How cute are you, and great taste in colors! I love Essie np.

Thank you for the sweet comment, i appreciate it very much. It was a "tough" thing for me to do personally, but I couldn't imagine not doing it.


Whitney said...

So cute! I'm so excited!
I thought about you actually when I saw this sale because those reindeer plates are in there!!!

capperson said...

I love red nail polish :)