Monday, February 9, 2009

A little more of what you can expect

Do you get as excited as I do when you get a letter or note in the mail? I am like a little girl and must take it inside to savor it. I love email, I enjoy blogging, but I adore receiving notes! Who wouldn't love to receive a note in the mail and open it up to find this?

Super cute Spring stationary.
Would it bring a smile to your face?

Stay tuned - even more to come!


Ashley Kate said...

Thanks for your comment. It is so hard losing a pet. I'm sorry about your great dane :(

littlesack said...

Oh my, I LOVE stationary and cards. Those are too cute- perfect for spring.

I didn't find the perfect card for boy, but I found an ok one (one with lots of blank room, so I can write something). Usually i get a dumb kids one with a cat or a bunny on it that says something corny. It's easier to take kids corny than deep love corny. I'm very particular about words-so the card thing is really hard for me.

Tara Gibson said...

so cute! I love getting letters in the mail

Aliya said...

I LOVE getting mail... and even more than that, I love collecting cute stationary! I could spend hours in Blue Tulip or the Papery just looking around..

Kristen said...

I love snail makes me think someone really cares b/c they took the time to do it the "old fashioned way"