Monday, February 2, 2009

New Title?

Mr. Potts asked me recently why I named this blog Experiments in a Galley Kitchen. I explained that I originally began this to document my love of food & cooking. Also, to describe the size of our kitchen (very small). He told me that since I was writing about other things, I should think about changing the name of my blog to something different. I'm thinking that I agree with him, but am not sure what I would re-name it.

What do you think?


Kristen said...

I like your title but you could do something along the lines of

Random Thoughts from a Chatty Potts

d.a.r. said...

I kind of love your blog :) No real advice on the name change though. It took me months to come up with mine, haha! And now, I am re-thinking it!

SassyEngineer said...

I actually just changed mine today, but I didn't get super creative. I like your title - I think it is neat and different, if you feel it doesn't fit go for the change. That is why I did. I think my creative juices are dry right now, sorry :(

Mrs. Potts said...

Kristen, I added something along those lines.

littlesack said...

hm...I like your title too. I think of it like--- the kitchen is the heart of any home..and therefore your experiments in life, love, marriage all come from the kitchen.

But--if you need a change, you need a change.

ps- love you not mes!!